Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chapter 13: Quebec City

Quebec City

A blurry late night photo of the lights of Quebec City, taken across the St Lawrence River from Levis:

A little piece of Europe, plonked right into North America:

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac hotel dating from 1892- we'll stay there when we win the lottery:

Exploring the archaeological dig site of the Intendant's Palace:

So much to see...

"Battle stations! Fire in the hole!"

Chapter 12: Road Trip to Quebec City

Road Trip, Montreal to Quebec City

Proudly navigating again:

Backseat driving:

At a random village in Quebec:

Meeting the locals... moments before Phil discovered the hard way that this is actually a highly electrified fence:

Stopped at St Hubert's- a great Quebec institution...
St Hubert's is famous for another great Quebec institution- Poutine!
(Poutine, for those poor souls unfamiliar with this miracle of culinary delight, consists of chips (fries) with curd cheese, covered in gravy.... mmmmm....)

Safety first:

Escaping the blinding rain at Tim Hortons, another Canadian landmark:

Tim Hortons is apparently famous for its Tim Bits (doughnut holes)

"Mmmmm... sugar...."

Chapter 11: Montreal

Montreal, Canada

Manny navigates from NY to Montreal:

On Saint Denis St:

At the Sunday Tam Tams:

Yet another church.... Saint Catherine St, I believe:

Just For Laughs Comedy festival- The Nasty Show:

Just for Laughs, Late Night Down Under show:

Chapter 10: New York

New York, New York...

Central Park (above and below)

Outside the Metropolitan Museum:

In the Guggenheim Museum:

Riding the subway:


Greenwich Village:

Having a coffee in Greenwich Village before the drive to Montreal:

Chapter 9: Narita, Japan

Manny is back- this time showing off his recent adventures in Japan, New York, Montreal and Quebec City.

Starting with.... Narita, Japan:

Waiting to ride the subway from Tokyo International Airport to Narita city.

On the streets in the city (town) of Narita

At the temple complex in Narita (above and below)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Chapter 8: Manny of the Mountain

Manny visited Moganshan last weekend, a mountain about 3.5 hours away from Shanghai.

With the girls: (clockwise from top left: Manny, Maria, Lou, Irene, Daniela, Federica, Cindy)

Posing in front of a pagoda on the mountain side

Next to the pond at the base of the Sword Falls

Lunch time, after some serious walking up the mountain

Watching the traffic from the mini-van, while returning to Hangzhou from Moganshan

Playing 'Uno' on the train back to Shanghai

Watching the world flash by from the train window.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chapter 7: Manny does Thailand

Or more appropriately- Manny does our Thai resort, as we were too scared to take the big expensive digital camera to the beach to capture Manny there.

"He's got a lovely bunch of coconuts..."


xxx Manny

Monday, December 11, 2006

Chapter Six: The Great Wall, Mutianyu

Welcome to Part 3 of Manny's China Palooza: The Great Wall, Mutianyu

Standing on the granite wall, built during the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644).

This section of the wall is less comercial than the highly touristic section at Badaling, and is famous for the multitude of Ming Dynasty guard towers along its length.

Manny sits in the window of one of the guard towers, admiring the view.

Posing in one of the archers' defense holes

Manny gazes at the steep wall of steps at the end of this section, trying to decide if he has the energy to ascend the near vertical stairs. (You can see the steps starting from near his right ear, heading towards the horizon)

Half-way up the steps. Near enough is not close enough for this intrepid adventurer.

Resting proudly at the platform at the top of the stairs! This is the last Guard Tower before the Wall disintigrates into ruins. Not many people realise that only relatively small parts of the wall have been preserved/restored, and the majority exists as ruins.

Gazing back to where we came from... and where our tired souls (and our tired soles!) have to walk back to.

Until next time...

xxx Manny