Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chapter 12: Road Trip to Quebec City

Road Trip, Montreal to Quebec City

Proudly navigating again:

Backseat driving:

At a random village in Quebec:

Meeting the locals... moments before Phil discovered the hard way that this is actually a highly electrified fence:

Stopped at St Hubert's- a great Quebec institution...
St Hubert's is famous for another great Quebec institution- Poutine!
(Poutine, for those poor souls unfamiliar with this miracle of culinary delight, consists of chips (fries) with curd cheese, covered in gravy.... mmmmm....)

Safety first:

Escaping the blinding rain at Tim Hortons, another Canadian landmark:

Tim Hortons is apparently famous for its Tim Bits (doughnut holes)

"Mmmmm... sugar...."

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