Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chapter 13: Quebec City

Quebec City

A blurry late night photo of the lights of Quebec City, taken across the St Lawrence River from Levis:

A little piece of Europe, plonked right into North America:

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac hotel dating from 1892- we'll stay there when we win the lottery:

Exploring the archaeological dig site of the Intendant's Palace:

So much to see...

"Battle stations! Fire in the hole!"

Chapter 12: Road Trip to Quebec City

Road Trip, Montreal to Quebec City

Proudly navigating again:

Backseat driving:

At a random village in Quebec:

Meeting the locals... moments before Phil discovered the hard way that this is actually a highly electrified fence:

Stopped at St Hubert's- a great Quebec institution...
St Hubert's is famous for another great Quebec institution- Poutine!
(Poutine, for those poor souls unfamiliar with this miracle of culinary delight, consists of chips (fries) with curd cheese, covered in gravy.... mmmmm....)

Safety first:

Escaping the blinding rain at Tim Hortons, another Canadian landmark:

Tim Hortons is apparently famous for its Tim Bits (doughnut holes)

"Mmmmm... sugar...."

Chapter 11: Montreal

Montreal, Canada

Manny navigates from NY to Montreal:

On Saint Denis St:

At the Sunday Tam Tams:

Yet another church.... Saint Catherine St, I believe:

Just For Laughs Comedy festival- The Nasty Show:

Just for Laughs, Late Night Down Under show:

Chapter 10: New York

New York, New York...

Central Park (above and below)

Outside the Metropolitan Museum:

In the Guggenheim Museum:

Riding the subway:


Greenwich Village:

Having a coffee in Greenwich Village before the drive to Montreal:

Chapter 9: Narita, Japan

Manny is back- this time showing off his recent adventures in Japan, New York, Montreal and Quebec City.

Starting with.... Narita, Japan:

Waiting to ride the subway from Tokyo International Airport to Narita city.

On the streets in the city (town) of Narita

At the temple complex in Narita (above and below)