Monday, October 02, 2006

Chapter 3: Manny does Brunch

Manny does Brunch.

Manny checks out the menu at the Vienna Cafe
on Xiaoxin Rd, near Shanxi Rd, Shanghai:

Phil and Manny read a mag while waiting to order:

Manny eyes off the dubious Shanghai water...

...and then decides on a latte instead:

Manny gazes longingly at the rainy garden courtyard:
("Hello my god... it's Manny here... there's nothing much I want to say, just hellooooo my god..." --this will be totally lost on any non-Aussies, but ten points to anyone in Oz who recognises Manny's song)

Manny has to be talked down from a ledge when the waiter forgets his sandwhich:

Finally the sandwhich arrives:

And then of course dessert:

All tuckered out, Manny needs a Napkin Nap:

Manny gets busted doing a line in the bathroom
(The poor guy doesnt realise that without nostrils or a central nervous system he can neither snort nor get high... and I have it on good authority that sugar is not an illegal substance...):

Manny decides whether to use Visa or an ATM card to pay the bill:

...and goes for cash in the end:

Finally it's time to head home on the scooter

"Born to Riiiiiide!":

Until next week!
xxx Manny

Manny's Mothership is at Aussie in the Orient

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Manny knows all the lyrics to "Hello my god"
If he does would he mind posting them - it's a real blast from the past and i've been looking for those lyrics for ages.