Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Chapter 4: The Forbidden City, Beijing

I finally got some photos resized, got Beta-Blogger working, got Saturn aligned with Venus, and the wind blowing from the South-east, or whatever, but the end result is that I can finally post some photos of our trip around China.

So with no further ado, here is...

Part 1 of Manny's China-Palooza: The Forbidden City, Beijing!

On the edge of the moat encircling the Forbidden City

"Where's Manny?"
Manny tests his camoflaging skills on the front gate

Posing for a photo in one of the many gardens...

... and checking out the distinctive architecture.

Inspecting one of the old bronze couldrons, that were kept filled with water in case of fires in the old days.

Playing Hide and Seek

The obligatory photo in the main square of the Forbidden City

Stay tuned next for Manny in Tiannanmen Square.

xxx Manny

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